Trace House Drawing #1

First, watch the video at This video shows the basic technique of tracing a house drawing into SketchUp.

Using the technique shown in the video, convert the following diagram into a SketchUp model:

(Click to enlarge)

Note that you have to scale the inserted diagram to the proper size before you start tracing!

Use Google 3D Warehouse to insert interior objects, doors, and windows, as shown in the diagram. Note: the highest mark you will receive at this stage is 9/10.

For full marks, add additional objects from the Google 3D Warehouse to complete the interior (pictures, dressers, plants, etc.). 

Note: as you complete this assignment, ask yourself which of the Fundamental Technological Concepts are being addressed? Be prepared to answer that question when the assignment is being marked. 

Save as "Full Name - Trace House Drawing 1" and submit to the relevant hand-in folder.