TDJ3M Final Project Requirements

For your final project, you will be modelling the main floor of your home in Google Sketchup.

Your home will include the underlying structure (similar to the One Room Cabin assignment), windows and doors, furniture from the 3D warehouse, finished walls, a roof, and basic landscaping.

Each of the above will be on its own layer (named structure, structure-roof, windows&doors, furniture, walls, roof, and landscaping).

Dimensions will be shown for the outside of the building and at least one room, and will be shown in architectural units. The dimensions must be accurate.

You must also submit electronic photos of the outside of your home, with enough views to show all exterior doors, windows, and walls, and the roof. Submit as "Full Name Final Project Photo #" (substitute "#" with the photo number).

Your project will be marked for aesthetics, accuracy, and completeness, with up to 20% deducted for structural errors, 20% for layer errors, 20% for dimensioning errors (including scale), 20% for not adhering to the actual design, 20% for not including all 3D warehouse materials, 40% for no underlying structure, and obviously up to 100% for not being complete. 

Your project needs to be submitted daily, using the filename "Full Name Final Project Day ##", where the day number is two digits, with a leading zero.

Student tip: make a list of specific requirements, then check them off as you complete them.

(Previously brainstormed requirement are here [teacher link])