OCTE - Google Hangouts


To Start a Hangout on Air

  • Go to Hangouts On Air
  • Click on Start a Hangout On Air
    • Name the Hangout
    • Enter some details about your Hangout
    • Select Now or Later
      • If choosing later, enter the details
    • Enter your audience, using your circles or contacts' email addresses or names
      • Be sure "Public" is not included to ensure your Hangout is not listed publicly.
    • Enter the optional apps you would like to be part of the Hangout on Air (See "Hangouts on Air Startup Options", below).

How to Add (or Change) Your Google Profile Picture

  • Go to Google+.

  • Click on the profile image in the top-right corner.

  • Click on "Change Image".

  • Choose the appropriate method to add or change your photo, then follow the directions. Note that if you have a webcam on your computer you can take a picture instantly and have it added as your profile picture.

    (click image to enlarge in new window)

Hangouts on Air Startup Options

You can add a video trailer that can be watched before the Hangout on Air:

You can add a Questions and Answers app:

You can turn on the Showcase app for sharing links: