Mouse Trap Car

Mouse Trap Dimensions


These requirements have been determined through class-wide research, discussion, and agreement. 
  • The instructor will provide the mouse trap and some wood that may be used for the chassis. All other materials will be provided by the student.
  • There is no material limit, in terms of types or quantity.
  • No supplemental source of energy may be used.
  • There is no size restriction.
The goal of the mouse trap car is to get it to go as far as possible. For full marks, your card will have to travel approximately 6 meters for each of three runs. 

Mouse Trap Car Assignment

The assignment can be accessed here. Copy the file and rename accordingly before sharing with your instructor.

The following resource(s) will help you answer some of the questions:

Newton's Three Laws of Motion Explained

Mouse Trap Car Practical Marking Method

  • Sketch, 10 marks 
    • effort, level of detail, clarity of materials
    • done by hand
  • SketchUp Model, 10 marks
    • to scale
    • all items clearly shown
    • includes dimensions
    • all parts labelled.
  • Bill of Materials, 10 marks (template)
    • completeness
    • accuracy
  • Car Performance and Reflection, 32 marks