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Hard Drive Disassembly

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Hard Disk Drive Disassembly


1.  Take photos throughout the process.  Make sure you have:

a. A photo before you open the HDD

b. A photo after you open the HDD

c. A photo showing your labelled parts

d. A photo with the HDD back together

2. What did you see when you opened the HDD?  Did anything surprise you?  Did you 

have any problems with the disassembly?

3. Find and label the following on the control board (use the diagram at the bottom of the 

page for guidance):

a. Control unit (MCU)

b. Memory unit (RAM)

c. Voice control unit (VCM)

d. Flash (ROM)

4. Find and label the following inside the HDD (use the diagram at the bottom of the page 

for guidance):

a. Spindle

b. Platter

c. Actuator

d. Arm

e. Head

f. Power

g. Interface

5. Call your teachers over to view your labels.

6. Reassemble the HDD.

7. Disassemble the FDD.

8. Compare the two.  What is the same?  What is different?

9. Create a report with answers to the questions above (question 2 & 8) along with the 

photos and submit on your website.