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2013-2014 ICS Daybook

ignore stuff in italics!
All items are for ICS3x unless indicated otherwise.

 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
Jan 27 n/a n/a n/a 1st day!
All:Chrome & best extensions

-Admin cont'd: ???
-4x:Grade 12 Review Demonstration
-4x:practical journal
-4x:Doc Testing
-4x:functions assignments
Feb 3 -email assignments due
-double-check remind101 subscribers, Google Group subscribers
-Cool Tech reminder
-Hour of Code (check for email to join class)
-web2.0 tools review
-Hour of Code cont'd
-cont'd -cont'd
-Turing demo:drawline(), drawoval(), F9 reference, F1 to run, F2 to cleanup
-3x:Turing Graphics overview; save to handin drive

-finish Code Club
-Turing Graphics
Feb 10 -Cool Tech reminder
-FYI: "daybook feature"
-all admin stuff finished!
-meet with 4U students
-code club cont'd

-4M presentations: Reese, Vicki, Tim

-code club & Turing cont'd
-3x:CS Circles Tutorial

-Coverage info

-Finish Code Club (should be finished!)
-Turing Graphics
-CS Circles Tutorial
-work period 
Feb 17
Family Day

-Code.org is now complete; move to Turing
-review pre-course Q's
-All:organizer tips (sign-in req'd)
-5 minute organize 
-4M presentations: Allan, Tim
-Cool Tech presentations tomorrow
-CS Circles cont'd
-FYI: Collabedit 

-check that everyone is one CS Circles

-Cool Tech presentations

-4U: Chromatic Scale challenge (and discussion)

-CS Circles cont'd
Coverage info

-grade 12's go to library for course selection session

-Turing deadline

-CS Circles cont'd

-CS Circles cont'd
Feb 24 -Turing Landscape show-and-tell
-5 minute organize
-Cool Tech reminder
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-determine Landscape "test" criteria
Don't Fence Me in Challenge (sign-in req'd)
-CS Circles cont'd
-Binary chairs lesson
-CS Circles cont'd
-remind Wes he has to go to rm 3202 (3 Thursdays)
-email sent to class
-finish and submit landscape test today!

-CS Circles cont'd
-4U:Pony Up! (POTW) challenge (do today, in groups if necessary)
-The Importance of Programming (video)
-CS Circles cont'd
-4U:discussion of where Pony challenge goes on challenges page.
Mar 3 -5 minute organize
-Cool Tech reminder
-programming challenges

-CS Circles cont'd
-programming challenges cont'd
-CS circles & challenges cont'd -reminder to Wes
-CS circles & challenges cont'd
No School
Mar 17 ECOO groups (teacher link)

-CS circles & challenges cont'd
ECOO 2013: Take a Number
-Cool Tech reminder 
-CS circles cont'd

-CS circles cont'd

-FYI:Ontario Offers Tips For Safe Surfing
-CS circles cont'd

FYI: for supplemental python challenge: 
Interactive Python Course at Coursera
-finish all CS Circles!
continue with challenges, in order
-4U: continue with previous ECOO challenges (agree on which ones to do then send me a list)
Mar 24 -5 minute organize (wkly)
-finish all CS Circles!
continue with challenges, in order 
-4U: continue with previous ECOO challenges (agree on which ones to do then send me a list)
-grade 12's: go around and demo to the 11's (individually) how to read in text files, then help them write a program that reads in 10 numbers and calcs the average.
-continue w/ CS Circles and challenges
-contest next Tuesday!
-file input demo: average of 10, compass

Literacy Test day -file input lesson
Mar 31 file input lesson ECOO Contest Today

-Relay for Life presentation 
-continue with CS Circles


-tutorials & challenges cont'd
-new challenge: Line Length (simpler than Braille challenge)
-ECOO 2012-1 Baseball Challenge

Apr 7 -4U students to student services 4 at a time for course verification.
-5 minute organize (wkly)
-Cool Tech reminder
-finish CS circles by beginning of class tomorrow; final marks to be recorded then (it's homework if not done in class today)
-Read Data File -> Calculate Average
-do challenges, in order
-Cool Tech cont'd

-last cool tech's
-CS Circles Tutorial assignments
-test warning!!!
Priorities, in order:
-CS Circles Tutorial assignments

(Python test is on Monday. It will involve keyboard input, casting [type conversion], looping, concatenated output, and simple math.)
Apr 14 -Python test 3x | 4U
-strings and challenges cont'd
-cont'd -cont'd -String Assignments cont'd Good Friday
Apr 21 Easter Monday -String Assignments cont'd
-tutorials & challenges cont'd
-bookmark this cheatsheet!

(push chairs in at end of class!)

-cont'd -priorities: 
    - string assignments
    - programming challenges
Apr 28 -skills development: boxes (assorted), word challenges -Python cheat sheet (you may wish to print!)
-skills challenges, cont'd


-skills challenges, cont'd

May 5 -Reese: simpleguitk presentation -simplegui landscape assignment

-Google lessons
-IT Survey (sign-in req'd)
-17-Year-Old Coder
-finish and submit all skills challenges programs for marking
-simplegui landscape assignment
-if finished, do a challenge on the past ECOO contest page
-chairs in at end of class! 

May 12 -Brock Contest is this Friday (who's going?)
+skills challenges programs
+simplegui landscape assignment
-new assignment:
+Shakespeare Insult Name
-if finished, do a challenge on the past ECOO contest page
-chairs in at end of class! 
-contest Friday. Who's going? [teacher link]
-activities cont'd

-contest prep -cont'd BROCK CONTEST

(no class)

May 19 Victoria Day

-Brock 2014 contest (PDF)

-PyDoc demo
-Brock q's cont'd "expressions" test
May 26 -FYI: Brock (2013) contest (sign-in req'd)
-FYI: PyGame links
-Brock q's cont'd

-Brock 2014 Q's cont'd -cont'd
-submit all string assignments!
-cont'd -FYI: Pi
-Practise for Test Monday (link) (sign-in req'd)
-finish and submit string assignments (many were not! -- check the MarkBook emails I sent yesterday)

Jun 2 -variables and assignments test

-final projects (last year's link)

-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Jun 9 Please tell everyone about the work for today!
-enter final project details in this GDoc today (sign-in req'd)
-work on final projects
-don't forget to submit final projects DAILY!
-FYI: graph :)
-final projects cont'd (fill in document!!!)
-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
 Jun 16 -final projects cont'd -Course Evaluation 
-Work Habits Self Evaluation
-interview times Period 3 Exams Period 4 Exams
Jun 23 Period 1 Exams Period 2 Exams (interviews)

Not done
research project requirements 
-Niagara College presentation (and period 1)
-Cool Tech catchup
-final project
-final project discussion (3x | 4x) 

software engineering article (sign-in req'd)

-share expectation documents with me

Project Specification Projects expectations document due

-program planning (test proposals) (sign-in req'd)

-learning goals discussion
-in pairs, create at least 8 learning goals in your expectations Google Doc 
-project spec programs cont'd

-rename & mark learning goals (Full Name Course Code Project Spec Expectations)
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