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2012-2013 ICS Daybook

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Feb 4 -4M:practical journal
4U:Python Video Tutorials
-web2.0 tools review
-install portable chrome
-admin cont'd (from lockdown procedure)
-Turing demo:drawline(), drawoval(), F9 reference, F1 to run, F2 to cleanup
-3x:Turing Graphics overview; save to handin drive
FYI:10 sentences Google teachers never hear
-admin cont'd (from email 
-4U:video tutorials cont'd
-3x:Turing graphics cont'd
-3x:History of Programming Languages
-all admin stuff due
-3x:determine graphics landscape requirements
-3x:finish history assignment (present Tuesday)
-3x:Turing graphics cont'd
Snow Day!

Feb 11 -finish all admin 
-Cool Tech reminder
-3x:History presentations tomorrow
-3x:Turing graphics cont'd
-4U:video status? Plan for group challenges
-4U:Penny Challenge
-FYI:10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have
-ICS test GDoc (sign-in req'd, DO NOT REQUEST ACCESS!)
-All:Email assignment status?
-3x:History presentations
-4U:penny challenge & Python videos cont'd
-FYI:How I Learned to Program
-All::organizer tips
-3x:History presentation Java (create test)
-3x:FYI:Python Tutorial
-3x:CS Circles Tutorial
-4U:python videos cont'd
-FYI:Kodu game development
-4U:video progress?
-4U?:Python challenges (in groups) | challenge website idea (discuss)
-3x:Python Language Presentation
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-4U:python videos cont'd 

Early Release Day

Feb 18
Family Day

-FYI:Ontario Offers Tips For Safe Surfing
-Cool Tech reminder 
-4M:submit penny challenges & video tutorial files
-4M:Grade 12 Review Demonstration
-3x:CS Circles cont'd

-5 minute organize 
-FYI: Collabedit 
-schedule Cool Tech
-MB Codes
-Scratch language Presentation
-CS Circles cont'd

-Turing Landscape show-and-tell

-C++ language Presentation
Scratch Day!
Feb 25 -5 minute organize
-Processing language presentation
-which language tomorrow?
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-Nicholas Cool Tech
-VB language presentation
-3x:Don't Fence Me in Challenge (sign-in req'd)
-3x:CS Circles cont'd
-The Importance of Programming (video)
-BASIC language presentation

-3x:library for option sheets + Nick, Matt, Jon
-Python cont'd
-Jenn Cool Tech
-programming challenges

Mar 4 -FYI:LearnStreet Python Tutorial
-population challenge redux
-Python review + example for loop and if statement program

-Anti-bullying video
-CS Circles cont'd

[teacher info]
-3x:CS Circles (finish to end of 7C) (if finished, work on POTW - Text Messaging challenge)
-4x:collectively send me email with recommendations on challenges order (Do the challenges! They will have to be submitted)

-Scheme language presentation (Inderjit)
-next language?
-install Portable Python on M drive (for tomorrow)
-circles & challenges cont'd
-CS circles & challenges cont'd
Mar 18 -remaining languages (be ready!)
FYI:Python Game Book Reference (also in O drive)
-challenges & website cont'd
-Puzzling Product challenge (sign-in req'd)
-use Game ref ch. 4: guess.py (read, program, understand & comment, submit)
-ECOO 2012-1 Baseball Challenge
-tutorials & challenges cont'd
[ Teacher link ]

in groups:
-finish Baseball challenge
-Word Frame challenge
-Braille challenge
-FYI:Google Data center streetview
-see me about presenting your language
-challenges cont'd

Mar 25
-challenges cont'd
No class today

ECOO Contest Today
[ Teacher Link ]
-in groups, work on previous baseball, word frame, and braille challenges, then new "ticket" challenge (from yesterday's contest)
-challenges cont'd Good Friday
Apr 1 Easter Monday
-tutorials & challenges cont'd


[ Teacher Link ]
-tutorials & challenges cont'd
-new challenge: Line Length (simpler than Braille challenge)
-Javascript language presentation (Reese & Lucy)
-if statements lesson
-functions lesson
-History presentations; create test q's (sign-in req'd)

Apr 8 -Binary chairs lesson
-CS circles def and lists
-CS Circles def due end of class
-Read Data File -> Calculate Average
-CS Circles Lists due end of class
-String Assignments

Literacy Test
(no class)
-IT Survey (sign-in req'd)

Apr 15 -challenges cont'd -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Apr 22 -cont'd -cont'd

-new DocTest format
teacher info ]

-cont'd (see new Spam challenge)

-David, email me DocTests!
-review Python cheat sheet
Apr 29 -remaining cool tech presos
-App Inventor (once Python assignments are finished)
    - string assignments
    - programming challenges

-program planning (test proposals) (sign-in req'd)
May 6 -App Inventor
-cont'd -cont'd -17-Year-Old Coder
-CS Circles eval
Teacher Link ]
+string assignments
+programming challenges
+App Inventor
May 13 -Brock contest towards end of May
-last day to work on other group's programs 

-Coverage info
-finish expectations document; due tomorrow

-Project Specification Projects expectations document due
-Shakespeare Insult Name
-Higher Powers
-Cool Tech catchup

May 20 -Remind 101 Notifications
-learning goals discussion
-coverage info
-in pairs, create at least 8 learning goals in your expectations Google Doc (to be marked Wed)
-project spec programs cont'd
-CS circle cont'd
-review learning goals
-CS Circles email
-rename & mark learning goals (Full Name Course Code Project Spec Expectations)

May 27 -Brock contest (sign-in req'd)
-App Inventor resources
-Python graphics demo (Dave)
-final projects (temp link)
-cont'd -cont'd Teacher Link ]
-finish all outstanding String assignments and challenges.
-final project
Jun 3 -Minecraft final project?
software engineering article (sign-in req'd)
-final project discussion (3x | 4x) 
-share expectation documents with me
-Python web programming demo
-David Peer Tutor session
-coverage info 
-Brock Competition 
-help with RfL
Jun 10 -final projects -projects cont'd -don't forget to submit projects DAILY! -cont'd -cont'd
 Jun 17 -Final projects due
-Dave tutorial video
-Course Evaluation 
-Work Habits Self Evaluation
-interview times Period 1 Exams Period 2 Exams
Jun 24 Period 3 Exams Period 4 Exams

-research project requirements