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2013-2014 TEJ2O Daybook

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Sep 2 Period 2 ADMIN

-"exam exemption" 
-Admin cont'd with my intro

-Field Trip!
-FYI: Diigo Intro & "Daybook Features"
-Admin cont'd with Software for Home Use
-Field trip! 
-admin cont'd w/ Networking
Sep 9 -computer labs: check mice & keyboards
-admin cont'd

-Admin cont'd. Confirm pre-course q's, email list
-TEJ GoogleDoc: collaborative editing
-Binary Chairs
-Arduino intro
-Remind 101 Notifications
-Email Assignment and Protocol
-Computer History Website Review
-Cool Tech
-Computer Maintenance/ Service Assignment
-computer history cont'd (key points; create test)
Early Release Day
Sep 16 -computer tasks: music dept (GDoc)
-organizer tips (GDoc)
-Computational Art course demo pic | website
-website review due end of period
-FYI:Something to Consider...
-present history websites; take notes on important content (as a class)
-finish reviewing computer history content; prep q's -computer maintenance GDoc
-class Diigo bookmarks
-library needs mouse
-Cool Tech: Erin, Wes
-review computer history q's; practice test (test is now Monday)
-Notes for supply teacher

-Electronics Safety Rules Poster
-study for test

Sep 23 -computer history test
-instro electronics presentation

-poster status?
-electronics tutorials website reviews
-Cool Tech: Tyler, Ryan, Zach

-Notes for supply teacher

-write electronics tutorial website review 
-evaluate all reviewed websites and come up with your "top 3" list
-Interactive Ohm's Law

-Edison: experiment and play with LED cicuit
-Fritzing, download and experiment
Sep 30 -Notes for supply teacher

-Computer Scavenger Hunt

-if finished, see additional instructions in teacher notes, above.
-discuss & price computer components -Web 2.0 Tools
-Arduino blinking circuit in Fritzing
-Blinky circuit on Arduino -cont'd
Oct 7 Arduino 3 LED circuit (Fritzing, breadboard) -FYI:wi-fi controversy
-demo of 3 LED program (comments, chunking code, variables)
-3 LED cont'd
-binary counter (4 LEDs)
-FYI:Lima network device
-network device discussion: Drobo, NAS, CrashPlan (backup)
-Turing Graphics
PD Day
Oct 14 Thanksgiving -Turing graphics cont'd -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Oct 21 -Digital Overdrive
-FINISH Turing Graphics!
-CS Unplugged

-demo of Vex Robotics (basic motor control; basic hardware overview)
-Supply Teacher Info

-Digital Overdrive - Basic Computer Concepts
-CS Unplugged cont'd
Oct 28 -Vex demo cont'd (program a square path)
-CS Unplugged activity planning
-CS Unplugged (binary & linear searching, sorting, binary) -Greenshot update & portable
-Attend live Lightroom hangout at 1:00? (class vote)

-CS Unplugged cont'd
-CS Unplugged cont'd -Supply Teacher Info

-Pet 1-1 Electrical Safety Activity Pack
Nov 4 -CS Unplugged cont'd
-CS Unplugged quiz q's
-cont'd -Coverage for 2013-11-06
-Safety Package cont'd
-if done, do Networking unit in Digital Overdrive
  -CS Unplugged test
Nov 11 -3D keytags -cool tech -cool tech

PA Day
Nov 18 -HTML cont'd -XAMPP & Apache web server -create home page -cont'd -cont'd
Nov 25 -prep Web Server test (sign-in req'd)
-FTP server
Coverage for 2013-11-26

-config FTP server for at least two users (at least one is username: "anon", password "anon"), with access to a "public" folder on your M drive; include a basic web page in that folder that has your name in it as a heading 1 and a link to your next two neighbor's ftp servers. Also include a link to a utility you find on the Internet that you think would be useful in this class (try not to use the same utility as other students).
-practise for web server test
-prep for cool tech #2
-demo of everyone's FTP servers -web server test -wrestling tournament
Dec 2 -FYI: Win7 64 bit humour
-Cool Tech
-Interactive Ohm's Law
-Running Tina (vs Edison): Prove that...

I = V / R

-series and parallel intro with Tina
-Tina challenge: construct a series circuit that proves that...

RT = R1 + R2 + R3 + ...
-create ePortfolios

-Nicolas: VEX lessons
-the rest: Arduino cont'd
-Grok Python: Eliza Coverage for 2013-12-06

-Grok: Python: Disease Outbreak

Dec 9 -1/2 class Arduino w/ me
-1/2 class Vex robots w/ Nick
-Coverage for 2013-12-10

-Arduino students continue with next activity in booklet
-cont'd -Nick's Vex website
Dec 16 -FYI: White Bread Shield for Arduino
-Vex/Arduino cont'd
-Coverage for 2013-12-17  students, look in coverage instructions for details about today
Google Tips
-wrap up Vex and Arduino projects -open class -no school
Jan 6 What's left?
-Vex & Arduino 
-snow day -Ved and Arduino -Vex and Arduino -Coverage for 2014-01-10
-Continue with Arduino and Vex projects under Nicholas' supervision. Be sure the Fritzing documents are finished and saved for circuits 1-5. When done, start creating screenshots of these (the layout and the schematic) for your ePortfolio.
Jan 13  -dismantle plotters
-Vex/Arduino cont'd
-ePortfolio contents & demo

-Vex/Arduino cont'd
-ePortfolio cont'd
-cont'd -cont'd
Jan 20 -finish your ePortfolio (I recommend uploading all your pictures to a Google+ album named "ePortfolio") -last day of class
-fill in ePortfolio form
-Course Evaluation
-Learning Skills & Work Habits self-evaluation

Pd 3 Exam date (ePortfolio presentations
Jan 27 -Minecraft discussion/demo

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