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2012-2013 TGJ3M & TGJ4M (1)

Note: all items are for 3M unless listed as 4M.
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Sep 3
Period 4: 2:00 - 3:15
-4M:independent project proposals due tomorrow (eg. smile photography video similar to this -- see me!)
-FYI:"Daybook Feature" material in my Diigo account
FYI:The Daily Create
-4M:proposals due  
-Admin: class rules
-FYI:portable chrome 

-organizer assignments & pre-course questionnaire due
-FYI:Hallway blog 
-4M:weekly reports due Monday
Sep 10 -4M:weekly report due 
-email address verification?
-Cool Tech reminder 
-5 minute organize 
-web2.0 tools review 
-Do Schools Kill Creativity? 
-3M:Faces of Computing poster; planning & questions Gdoc
4M:project summary overview Gdoc
-3M:create ePortfolio 
-posters:process? (in Gdoc)
-Inkscape tutorial website reviews
-4M:review ePortfolios (update for 4M material?)
-ePortfolio TOC
-Inkscape website reviews

-Class Diigo group  
-all ePortfolios created and shared with Beens?
-Inkscape reviews cont'd
Early Release Day
Project Planner (sign-in req'd)
Sep 17 -4M:weekly report due
-Learning Goals reflection (sign-in req'd) 
-5 minute organize   
-Inkscape cont'd
-what's your organizer tip? (GDoc 
-Inkscape tutorial demo 
-Inkscape cont'd

-Camera Assignment 
-demos cont'd
-website reviews due -no class today
Sep 24 -Cool Tech reminder
-FYI:MOOC (Coursera) 
-FYI:12 Things Students Should Never Do on Social Media
-5 minute organize  
-work on Inkscape tutorials (and submit!)
-podsafe music
-Inkscape tutorials cont'd
-Favourite Flickr Photographs 

-camera assignment due 
-which tutorial for Inkscape test? (disc'n)
-Fave photos cont'd 


-grade 9 day

-coverage info
-Photoshop Painting Basics 101   
-Tree in Niagara Falls 

Oct 1 -Inkscape test (shared during test only) (based on web text, sun/clouds, arrow, eye, rusty gear, penguin, swirls, neon sign)
-5 minute organize

-Tree in Niagara Falls
-Repair Portrait Photo

-class disc'n: senior ambassadors logo
-Beth:multiplicity demo 

-Jason: Germany slideshow 

PD Day
Oct  8 Thanksgiving -Jason: concentration camp slideshow
-Pereerica project 
-cont'd -cont'd
-review marks
-interim reports
-projects cont'd

Oct  15
-Cool Tech reminder
-5 minute organize
-Chanel: Student Ambassadors logo (drop poster project?)
-4M conferences: Chanel, Kasey, Paul
-Portable Apps demo (in O drive) 
-find & submit 5 "good" & representative logos
-4M conferences: Katelynn, Jon,  David
-Photowalk Tuesday!
-update ePortfolio demo (using Tree assignment as an example)
-4M conferences: Jason
-student ambassadors's logo cont'd -Coverage info
-logo cont'd
Oct  22 -Rotoscoping
-student ambassador project is highest priority
-4M:update project doc; need student for 125 anniversary page
Oct  29 -fix and submit 10+ photowalk pix -cont'd
-student ambassador logo cont'd
-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Nov 5 -Cool Tech emails
-see Coverage info for details
-Careers Article 2
-night school cleanup (Tue/Thu)
-4M:What I Learned test -work period  -cont'd
Nov 12 -Artist Profile -ref: markbook reports
-coverage info
-see MarkBook reports for priorities (handed out yesterday)
-prep lights for nightschool
-2nd photowalk day?
PA Day

Nov 19 -Artist Profile presentations -cont'd
-4M: tutoring project discussion
-Photowalk day #2 

-4M tutoring project details (private GDoc); finish present projects; start on tutoring projects
-coverage info for teacher
-rename, tag, edit, and submit remaining 10+ photowalk pictures
-student ambassador logos assignments
-do flickr assignments for photowalk pictures
-Rotoscope cont'd
Nov 26 -mark photowalk pictures
-flickr assignments.

FYI: Ten Tricks To Make Yourself a Gmail Master
-finish photowalk assignments and student ambassador logos
-FYI: 12 year time lapse

-join class Diigo group; post Inkscape website to group (tags: TGJ, TGJxx, Inkscape, tutorial)
Dec 3 -cont'd -Kevin Artist Profile presentation
daybook feature websites
-TGJ4M project marking method discussion (sign-in req'd) discussion

-upload student ambassador pics
Dec 10 -reminder about uploading logos
-final project log (create)
-4M: start tutoring projects w/ gr. 11's (eval form link) -Final Project Proposals | req's
-4M peer projects cont'd | Marking Method
FYI: Meteor Shower
Dec 17 -cont'd -cont'd -Cool Tech (backchannel) -cont'd
Jan 7 -FYI:How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)
-final project proposals 
-projects cont'd

-ePortfolio Submission Form (submit 1 item every few days)
-What I Learned Test  -projects cont'd -grade 12 project eval forms
-projects cont'd
Jan 14 -projects cont'd -ePortfolio req'ts
-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Jan 21 -cont'd -all projects & ePortfolios due end of class today.
-grade 12 project eval forms
-4M: Grade 12 reflections (due today)
-Course Evaluation
-Learning Skills & Work Habits self-evaluation
-post final projects here

Period 1 exams
 Jan 28 Period 2 Exams Period 3 Exams Period 4 Exams

Interview times
   -3M:Getting Started 
-Projects cont'd (sign-in req'd)
-Teaching in the Digital Age
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