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Coverage for 2015-05-26

TEJ3E Students & Brandan

Organize all remaining keyboards, mice, video cables, and power cords. They should all be put away neatly in the cupboards.

Take apart the damaged computer. Discard the case in the dumpster. Put the parts (hard drive, floppy drive, etc.) somewhere neat, perhaps in a storage bin.

Are all the stickers off the donation computer?

There are three of you so this should all be easy to take care of this period.

TEJ3M Students

Prepare a short presentation profiling at least one of the "Nifty" Arduino resources you have selected as being interesting to do as a class activity or as a summative project. Also consider resources you discover from the shortcuts in that folder. This will be presented to the class on Wednesday, with marks assigned. No extensions, no excuses. 

TEJ2O Students

Find and review instructional websites related to Vex Robotics. Write your reviews in this document. This will be due Wednesday at the beginning of class.

I'm not available to "approve" your websites so talk with each other to be sure none of you are doing the same website.


Finish editing the photowalk pictures and get them submitted, then work on any outstanding Photoshop and Inkscape projects.


Perform a gap analysis of your expectations document. Be prepared to discuss on Wednesday.