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Thank you for visiting my website and being involved in your son's or daughter's success!

As a rule of thumb, if your your son or daughter wants to be really successful, they should be studying or developing their practical skills at least 15 minutes per night per subject in grade 9 (for a total of 1 hour), 30 minutes per night per subject in grade 10 (for a total of 2 hours), etc.  Many students do not dedicate this amount of time, and this is, without a doubt, the leading reason what students do not reach their true potential.

On this website you will find daily schedules for each of my classes, with deadlines and links to assignments or resources. Following are links to my daybooks so you can follow along with with your son or daughter is doing. Please note that anything that is in italics is draft or left over from a previous semester and is to be ignored.
If you are wondering what software can be used to do many of the assignments at home, you can visit my Software for Home Use page which lists lots of software, all of it free. 

You may also wish to subscribe to my class notification system, so when I send notifications to my students you will also get them. See this page for details.

A note about marks: I often don't publish the students' average mark, only the marks for the individual tasks. I do this so the students pay more attention to the task marks and can identify items which need to be addressed more easily.

Lastly, feel free to contact me any time about your son's or daughter's progress.  The more you are involved in your child's education, the better they will do.