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2012-2013 TGJ2O (1)

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Sep 3
Labour Day

Period 3: 12:35 - 1:50
-FYI:"Daybook Feature" material in my Diigo account
FYI:The Daily Create
-FYI:portable chrome
Admin:software for home use
-Admin cont'd

Sep 10 -email address verification? 
-Cool Tech reminder (
-FYI:Hallway blog 
-finish all admin assignments, starting with email verification
-tgj2o test document
-web2.0 tools review 
-Design process
-Faces of Computing poster; planning & questions Gdoc
-5 minute organize (wkly)
-create ePortfolio

-register ePortfolios
-Inkscape | portable version
-inkscape tutorial website review

-all ePortfolios created and shared with Beens?
-finished your email assignment?
-Class Diigo group; install extension
-Inkscape website cont'd
Early Release Day
Sep 17 -Cool Tech reminder (wkly)
-Photowalk website 
-Learning Goals refection (sign-in req'd) | What have we learned? (teacher link)   
-Inkscape website cont'd
-camera assignment 
-what's your organizer tip? (GDoc)
-Inkscape tutorial demo
-missing email assignments?
-demos cont'd
-Inkscape reviews due
-demos (last day)
-coverage info (finish and submit your five Inkscape tutorial files)
-if finished, start the Favourite Flickr Photographs assignment
Sep 24 -Cool Tech reminder  
-FYI:12 Things Students Should Never Do on Social Media 
-5 minute organize (wkly)
-work on Inkscape tutorials (and submit!) 

-camera assignment due
-FYI:podsafe music
-Inkscape cont'd
-Favourite Flickr Photographs  

-which tutorial for Inkscape test? (disc'n)
-What does a good poster look like? (sign-in req'd)
-make a "good poster" checklist
-Fave photos cont'd
-finish Inkscape tutorials!
-fave photos cont'd

-class demo by Connor
-finish all Inkscape tutorials before doing the following:
-Photoshop Painting Basics 101
-Tree in Niagara Falls (Connor to do demo)
-finished? see Connor about pareeerica project 
Oct 1 -Cool Tech reminder (wkly) 
-Inkscape test (based on 8 ball, rusty gear, flower, outline text, heart, bowling pin, ink splat, web button)
-5 minute organize (wkly) 
-tree assignment cont'd
-OG-OH Logo Assignment 

-cont'd -mark outstanding Inkscape files and Fave Flickr Pix
-og-oh cont'd
PD Day
Oct 8 Thanksgiving -exam exemption disc'n
-og-oh cont'd 

-cont'd -cont'd
Oct 15 -og-oh cont'd 
-Flickr pix mtgs
-Halloween for Hunger (HfH); who wants to be in charge?
-set photowalk date 
-Portable Apps demo (in O drive) 
-projects cont'd
-HfH reminder
-demo: og-oh logo on ePortfolio 
-mark og-oh submissions
-og-oh logo cont'd -Coverage info
-og-oh logo cont'd

Oct 22 -move photowalk to Friday
-Trevor, see me
-Pivot Animation
-pivot cont'd -cont'd -cont'd

Oct 29
-Picasa installation demo
-Picasa tagging, editing, uploading demo
-tag and submit 5 best photos f
or slideshow

-submit 10+ pix
-pivot cont'd
-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Nov 5 -Cool Tech emails -see Coverage info for details
-Careers Article 2
-work period -cont'd -cont'd
Nov 12 -submit grade 8 pictures
-Vivian Maier slideshow?
-Artist Profile
-fix grade 8 photos -coverage info
-continue fixing grade 8 pictures
-finish Artist Profile (presentations Monday)
-2nd photowalk day?
-submit gr. 8 pics
-Instagram Filter Survey
-Repair Portrait Photo
-watch color matching video (for Photoshop, not Elements, but still very cool)
-Photowalk paperwork
-Photoshop effects website review (sign-in req'd) 
-Photography - Article Summary 
-HTML Hackasaurus: Headings 
-Green Screen project 
-Green Screen activity ideas (sign-in req'd) 
-Getting Started
-One World, One Smile video
-FYI: Girls Develop It Online (promoting Computer Science to girls)
-school website?

Nov 19 -submit gr. 8 pics

-Mark Breakdown
-submit remaining pics
-MADD presentation
-Artist Profile presentations
-Photowalk day 2
-Scavenger Hunt form 
-coverage info for teacher
-join flickr; add pbeens as contact
-rename (using BRU) photowalk pictures; tag with themes; edit; submit at 1024 px
-flickr assignments on Photowalk page
Nov 26 -twitter videos
-Photowalk assignments
-FYI: Ten Tricks To Make Yourself a Gmail Master
-peer tutors: grade 8 slideshow
-Categories survey
-cont'd -FYI: Living Beyond Limits


Dec 3 -photowalk assignments cont'd
-daybook feature websites
-Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~Oscar Wilde
-artist profile presentations
-NF Flying Object
-final projects intro discussion
-“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ~Dr. Seuss
Dec 10 -draft final project req'ts (teacher link)
-final project log (create)
-Chad artist profile
-project proposals (sign-in req'd)

-project proposal reminder
-final project idea: what a wonderful world
-Connor 3DS Max
FYI: Meteor Shower
-3DS projects (drunken snowman)
Dec 17 -cont'd -cont'd -Cool Tech (backchannel) -cont'd -no class
Jan 7 -FYI:How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)
-final project status
-final projects

Jan 14 -cont'd
-Best Work ePortfolio
-What I Learned test
-cont'd -final projects & ePortfolios due?
Jan 21 -cont'd -final projects & ePortfolios due end of class
-Course Evaluation
-Learning Skills & Work Habits self-evaluation
-post final projects here
-Diana multiplicity lesson
-Interview times
-submitted your final project?
-submitted all forms?
Pd 1 exams

 Jan 28 Pd 2 exams Pd 3 exams

Interview Times (sign-in req'd)
Pd 4 exams   Not done--
-Teaching in the Digital Age
-podcast script cont'd (share w/ me)
-BDSS website (GDoc, sign-in req'd)
-Podcast scripts due
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