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2011-2012 TDJ3M & TDJ4M Daybook

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Sep 5
Labour Day

Period 3: 12:35 to 1:50
-Admin: contacting me cont'd
-admin cont'd -reminder: chairs
-admin cont'd
-FYI: calendar technique
-group test document
Sep 12 4M:Weekly reflections due
-note deadlines this week!
-9/11 tweet
-course outline
-web2.0 Tools
-Cool Tech reminder
-Do Schools Kill Creativity?
-Steps in the Design Process
-Fundamental Technological Concepts & assignment
-4M:note change in weekly reflection; resubmit accordingly
-What have we learned? (sign-in req'd)
-SketchUp pages
-SketchUp Tutorial Website Reviews

-finish email assignments!
-continue working on SketchUp tutorial website reviews (sign-in req'd)
-fundamental concepts assignment due
-SketchUp Tutorial website reviews cont'd
-website tutorials cont'd
Sep 19 -4M: weekly reflection due
-what's your organizer tip? (GDoc
-website tutorials cont'd
-website tutorial demos -website tutorials (see handin folder) -cont'd Early Release Day
Sep 26 -House (Basic) -Paper House -Cube Assignment -cont'd

-Google Gravity Chrome App
-125th Anniversary Logo
Oct 3 -cont'd
-Rick Mercer rant on Blackberries

-4M:AutoCAD overview (Andrew)
-Apple releases iPhone 5 (live)
-Cool Tech reminder
-cont'd -see Coverage notes PA Day
Oct 10 Thanksgiving Holiday -logos cont'd -cont'd -see Coverage notes
-if done, work on Box Joint assignment. 
-see Coverage notes
Oct 17
-no class (software being installed)

-logos cont'd
-SketchUp Quick Reference
-SketchUp Pro license available
-Logos cont'd -Boxjoint tutorial
-see Coverage notes

-Opposite Colours
-see Coverage notes
Oct 24 -iPod assignment
-Time Tracker
-cont'd -see Coverage notes -cont'd from yesterday
-3D Text on Cylinder
Oct 31 -4M marking
-Cool Tech reminder
-Tech Word: ePub
-projects cont'd
-50% sign-offs
-MarkBook reports
-Careers Article 2 -Coverage info
-projects con't
-Note: made changes to iPhone assignment
Nov 7 -Coverage notes
-BDSS logos needed ASAP!
-review marks; catch-up
-4M:What I Learned test
Cool Tech day -finish Cool Tech
-check marks
-catch-up day
-FYI: One World, One Smile video
-FYI: Girls Develop It Online (promoting Computer Science to girls)
-FYI: SketchUp Newsletter email
-Finalize BDSS logos for submission to office; export to PNG; export as FNameLInitial.png; clean up (for website) and hand in.
Nov 14 -Truesync/Dropbox discussion
-new organizer website: Sandglaz
-SketchUp Model Your Town Competition (some students)
-Geodesic Dome

-AutoCAD tutorial
-Model Your Town project (sign-in req'd)(select students)
-Instagram Filter Survey
-125th anniversary logo is highest priority!
-cont'd -cont'd

Nov 21 -projects cont'd
-feedback conferences
-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Nov 28 -projects cont'd -Logo debrief from MrsZ
-challenges: Stop Sign, Maple Leaf (sign-in req'd)
-cont'd -Living Beyond Limits
Dec 5 -projects cont'd -Layers Assignment
SketchUp and CAD - Creating Walls
SketchUp and CAD - Doors and Windows
-Trace House Drawing #1
-Mr. Mark Barrick, discussion of flower cart
-Trace House Drawing #2
-final projects (dream house) SUBMIT DAILY!!!
Dec 12 -MS: see me pls
-final projects (cont'd)
-DSBN skills competitions
-cont'd -see Coverage info -cont'd
Dec 19 -final projects (cont'd) -cont'd -cont'd -movie day!
-projects cont'd
Jan 9 -How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)
-review final projects: scale, door dimensions, etc.
-Tech BBQ on Thursday
-projects cont'd
-cont'd Tech BBQ at lunch!
Jan 16 -see Coverage notes
-Cool Tech due
-mark category changes
-cont'd -Course Evaluation
-review dream house folders
Jan 23 Pd 4 exams? Pd 1 exams? Pd 2 exams? Pd 4 exams? -Engineering Assignment
-Teaching in the Digital Age
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