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Coverage for 2010-03-12

Period 1 - Room 3109 - ICS3C, ICS3U, ICS4C, ICS4U

  • Check the daybook for your current and past assignments (http://www2.beens.org/ics/daybook).
  • If you have not finished your Python website review, you must do so this period. (you are being marked at the end of today, with no extension!)
  • Copy the Portable Python folder from the O:\Beens\ICS folder to your M:\ICS folder so you can experiment with Python while reading the reviews that were written by your classmates.
  • Of all the websites reviewed by your classmates, pick one that you feel is suitable to read (look at the suitability ratings!) and follow it. Be sure to save any programs you write in a folder named "Python" in your M drive class folder.
  • Before we return after March break, create and share with me a Google Document (named "Full Name Course Code Chosen Python Website") explaining why you chose that particular website to follow, and your experience following it. Your explanation should be 100-200 words.
  • Stay on task -- No Facebook or YouTube! 

Period 3 - Room 3109 - TDJ3M, TDJ4M

  • Check the daybook for your current and past assignments (http://www2.beens.org/tdj/daybook).
  • TDJ3M: The following projects are now overdue :
    • 3D Text
    • iPod
    • Length and Area
    • Jigsaw Puzzle
    • basic house
    • building buildings assignment
  • TDJ3M: Once you have finished the above assignments, create a model in SketchUp of the Pelican 1560 case. See this link for images.
  • TDJ4M: photos of my motorcycle have been uploaded to PicasaWeb so the students can continue modelling it in Autodesk Inventor
  • Stay on task -- No Facebook or YouTube! 

Period 4 - Room 3109 - TGJ2O

  • Check the daybook for your current and past assignments (http://www2.beens.org/comm-tech/tgj2o/daybook).
  • The following projects or assignments are now overdue:
    • Precis and Opinion 
    • test banners
    • portfolio banner
    • photoshop effects website review
    • tree in Niagara Falls
    • podcasting website review
  • Today's assignment is to create an Abstract Yin-Yang Heart Image for the Love Hurts play.
  • Stay on task -- No Facebook or YouTube!