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2011-2012 ICS Daybook

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Jan 30
Period 4: 2:00 to 3:15
n/a -schedule for today 


-FYI:I want one! :) 
-Teens' top 5 technology mistakes
-Admin cont'd: timetable

-FYI:something to consider
-portable python
-web2.0 Tools
4U:Python Video Tutorials
4U:Python challenges (in groups) | challenge website idea (discuss)
3x:Turing tutorial (as a class)
Feb 6 -FYI:10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have
-Cool Tech reminder
-3x:Turing tutorial (cont'd)
-4U:Python video tutorials cont'd (discussion)
-3x:Turing cont'd
-3x:Turing Graphics overview; save to handin drive
-3x:Python tutorial overview; saving to Handin drive
-4U:new video feedback form
-4U:video status? Plan for group challenges

-Coverage info
-FYI:How I Learned to Program
-3x:Turing Graphics 
-3x:Python Tutorial
-4U:python videos cont'd
-Coverage info
-FYI:Kodu game development
-3x:Turing graphics cont'd (student-determined landscape req'ts)
-3x:Python tutorial cont'd
-4U:python videos cont'd
-4U:challenge for website? 
-Coverage info
-FYI:Ontario Offers Tips For Safe Surfing 
-3x:Python tutorial cont'd
-4U:python videos cont'd
-4U:next Python challenge? (change groups)
Feb 13 -FYI: Collabedit 
-check email reports (look for code name, check marks)
-3x:finish Turing Graphics
-3x:Python tutorial (submit filenames exactly as indicated)
-4x:Python video series and challenges website(s)
-Coverage info 
-Coverage info 
Early Release Day
Feb 20 Family Day -Cool Tech assignment -marks at back of room
-Python review + example for loop and if statement program
-Puzzling Product challenge (sign-in req'd)
-3x:History of Programming Languages  (intro)
-3x:Don't Fence Me in Challenge (sign-in req'd)
-Python cont'd
-3x:History project  cont'd
-3x:Python cont'd
-4x:challenges & website cont'd
Feb 27 -cont'd -4x:intention sheets (library)
-History presentations; create test q's (sign-in req'd)
-History test -Python cont'd -15minutes DEAR
Mar 5 -Python Game Book Reference (also in O drive)
-Python cont'd
-use Game ref ch. 4: guess.py (read, program, understand & comment, submit)
-Python tutorial cont'd
-App Inventor presentation (not done)
-tutorials & challenges cont'd
-tutorials & challenges cont'd March Break
Mar 12





Mar 19 -tutorials & challenges cont'd -ePad challenge
-if statements lesson
-functions lesson
-tutorials & challenges cont'd -cont'd -Coverage info

Mar 26 -calc average example 
-python contèd
-cont'd -Circle Square challenge
Literacy Test 
(no class)
-x's and o's
Apr 2 -string 2d -coverage info 
-finish ePad, class average, circle square assignments
-string2d (on String Assignment page)
-continue w/ Python tutorial
-coverage info
-sums challenge
-coverage info 
Easter Friday
Apr 9 Easter Monday -coverage info (IMPORTANT! Look for comments in red) Cool Tech Day -UW CS Circles overview -Ultimate Gaming Challenge (May 5-6)
-Programming Workshop in Toronto
-Google Hackathon
-test creation using all learned concepts (email to me)
Apr 16 -remaining cool tech presos
-UW CS Circles (create account; need tracking sheet)
-CS Circles cont'd -article 
-CS Circles cont'd (progress being marked)
-program planning (test proposals) (sign-in req'd) -cont'd
Apr 23 -cont'd -SkyDrive Loyalty Offer
-GoogleDrive news
-DropBox update | referral code
-Google Drive security issue
-app development story
-create "FName CourseCode Project Planning Learning Goals" google doc w/ relevant expectations by category
-marking next set of CS Circles
-program planning programs cont'd

Apr 30 -last day to work on other group's programs 

-Coverage info
-finish expectations document; due tomorrow

-Project Specification Projects expectations document due
-Shakespeare Insult Name
-Higher Powers
-Cool Tech catchup

May 7 -Remind 101 Notifications
-learning goals discussion
-coverage info
-in pairs, create at least 8 learning goals in your expectations Google Doc (to be marked Wed)
-project spec programs cont'd
-CS circle cont'd
-review learning goals
-CS Circles email
-rename & mark learning goals (Full Name Course Code Project Spec Expectations)
-see coverage info for details today
May 14 -see coverage info (more learning goals, cs circles) -app inventor demo (see handout drive for program)
-4x: App Inventor (need to create new resource and activities list)
-software engineering article
-final project discussion (3x | 4x) 
-register for Brock contest (for teacher)
-App Inventor demo? (Emily)
-App Inventor resources
-CS Circles cont'd
-Python II marking
PA Day
May 21 Victoria Day -contest forms
-cartesian length challenge
-research project requirements
-CS Circles cont'd
-cont'd -coverage info 
-Brock Competition 
-help with RfL
May 28 -research project req'ts updated
-final projects
-projects cont'd -Interactive Python BeensPy course
-cont'd -cont'd
 Jun4 -VenusTransit
-Google Blockly
-Google Docs sort by quota! 
-Expectations template (sign-in req'd)
-share expectation documents with me
-article: Make a Mark, Not a Grade
-log your project here (sign-in req'd)
-Notes for substitute teacher 
-continue working on final projects or research projects  projects (note deadlines next week)
-don't forget to submit projects DAILY!
-cont'd -cont'd
 Jun 11     -research presentations begin -presentations cont'd -presentations cont'd 
-Final projects due
 Jun 18   -Course Evaluation 
-Work Habits Self Evaluation
 Exams begin?    
Jun 25

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