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2011-2012 TIJ1O Daybook

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Jan 30
Period 3: 12:35 to 1:50
n/a-schedule for today 


-I want one! :)
-Admin cont'd: intros
-Teens' top 5 technology mistakes
Admin:website overview

Feb 6-FYI:10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have 
-web2.0 Tools
-Cool Tech reminder
-Admin:pre-course questionnaire
-Tour of Tech; take dimensions
-SketchUp Overview (view, units, precision, basics)

-See coverage instructions!
-Tech Wing Floor Plan assignment in SketchUp
-Safety Word Search handout (also see coverage info about word processing assignment)
-See coverage instructions!
-Safety word search & word processing assignment cont'd
-Safety Document (to be used with Safety handouts)
-See coverage instructions!
-Safety assignment cont'd
-Tech is Cool (if everything else is finished)
Feb 13-review email assignment
-FYI:Ontario Offers Tips For Safe Surfing
-Safety Crossword
-egg drop research
-Cool Tech reminder
-check email reports (look for code name, check marks)
-Safety Violations
-all safety assignments due

-Coverage info <read this for specifics!
-finish map assignments
-SketchUp: Poster, Dice, Cheerios Box
-Coverage info
-SketchUp tutorials cont'd
Early Release Day

Feb 20Family Day-Electrical Safety Pkg-Complete Home Electrical Checklist (homework)
-marks with codenames at back of room
-Electrical lesson (V, I, R)
-Tina demo, class activities
-egg drop (finalize req'ts)

-Electrical Safety Pkg cont'd 
-activity 5 (Tina)
-SketchUp tutorial 2010_03_Aquarium
Feb 27-create Safety test
-Tina test
-Safety test
-electrical activity #1 intro
-electrical activity #1-cont'd

-electrical activity #2
Mar 5-electrical activity #2-Literacy package (M-W)-electricity cont'd-sign safety contract
-electricity cont'd
March Break
Mar 12





Mar 19-coverage info
-literacy day 4 package
-Photoshop tools handout 
-SketchUp aquarium tutorial
-SketchUp Cheerios Box tutorial
-electrical cont'd-cont'd-cont'd-Coverage info
-2010_03_Aquarium" SketchUp tutorial 
-2010_06_CheeriosBox_PC tutorial
-O:\Beens\Digital Overdrive interactive sessions
Mar 26-egg drop planning
-PSE masking tutorial 
-PSE masking assignments: Safety, TV Show  (or movie), Technology-masking assignment cont'd Literacy Test 
(no class)
-masking assignment (tools)
Apr 2-Pivot intro-coverage info
-finish masking assignments
-Pivot animations
-coverage info
-Pivot animations cont'd
-coverage info
-added a 4th Pivot assignment
Easter Friday
Apr 9Easter Monday-coverage info (IMPORTANT! Look for comments in red)-work period-work periodCool Tech Day
Apr 16-SketchUp egg tutorial -finish Pivot and masking assignments.
-draw and save an egg in SketchUp for egg drop project.
-start making sketches and material list of egg drop vessel
-egg drop challenge planning-cont'dEarth Day cleanup
Apr 23-egg drop cont'd-SkyDrive Loyalty Offer
-GoogleDrive news
-DropBox update | referral code  
-cont'd-Egg Drop today!-mouse trap car research (GDoc - sign-in req'd)
Apr 30-Mouse Trap Car planning-Waterloo field trip -mouse trap planning-cont'd
-bandsaw safety
-bandsaw safety poster
May 7-Remind 101 Notifications
-mousetrap car planning
-coverage info
-mouse trap car plans
-bandsaw safety poster
-drill press safety poster
-Mouse Trap Car Assignment
-finish and submit safety posters
-finish SketchUp plan for Mouse Trap Car
-finish mouse trap car assignment
-see coverage info for additional assignments
May 14Photowalk Thursday!
-Camera Assignment
-see coverage info for remaining assignments
-photowalk discussion
-bandsaw test

-Scavenger Hunt form 
PA Day
May 21Victoria Day-demo:rename and export 1024 px pictures-demo:tag and edit photos-edit photos-coverage info
-edit photos
-foods contract, questionnaire, package
May 28-mousetrap cars-cont'd-Hospitality-mouse trap cars-mousetrap cars
 Jun4-Hospitality mousetrap cars-Notes for substitute teacher
-Kite Package (see instructions at top of document.
-mouse trap cars being tested Friday! 
-last day for mousetrap cars-hand in mousetrap car assignment
-test mouse trap cars
-mousetrap car reflection
 Jun 11-finish marking edited photos
-hand in best five photos
-kite package 
-(which type will you build?)
-kite planning-build kites-build and test kites-test kites
 Jun 18-test kites-Course Evaluation 
-Work Habits Self Evaluation
 Exams begin?  
Jun 25

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