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2011-2012 TGJ2O Daybook

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Sep 5
Labour Day

Period 4: 2:00 to 3:15
FYI: @dailyshoot
-admin: Introductions cont'd
-cont'd -FYI: calendar technique
Sep 12 -9/11 tweet
-Cool Tech reminder
-finish all admin! assignments, starting with email verification
-tgj2o test document
-web2.0 Tools
-What have we learned? (sign-in req'd)
-create ePortfolio
-Getting Started
-Photowalk website
-all ePortfolios created and shared with Beens?
- Getting Started - all recommendations in?
-1st activity? Pivot Animation
-pivot cont'd -Henry's photog show weekend in October (free ticket)
-camera assignment
-pivot cont'd
Sep 19 -what's your organizer tip? (GDoc)
-pivot cont'd
-HTML Hackasaurus: Headings
-Photography - Article Summary
FYI: Ansel Adams tribute | wiki
-camera assignment due
-article cont'd
-Green Screen activity ideas (sign-in req'd)
-finish pivot (last day)
-article cont'd
Early Release Day
Sep 26 -FYI: Nikon V1
-review Green Screen recommendations
-review camera assignments
-5 minute organize
-Photoshop Painting Basics 101
-Green Screen project -cont'd -grade 9 pictures today (bring your camera!) -Google Gravity Chrome App
-Picasa installation demo
-Picasa tagging, editing, uploading demo
-tag and submit 5 best photos for slideshow
Oct 3 -Dan to library
-Rick Mercer rant on Blackberries
-125th Anniversary Logo
-Apple releases iPhone 5 (live)
-new look for Google Sites & Docs
-Cool Tech reminder
-cont'd -see Coverage notes PA Day
Oct 10 Thanksgiving Holiday -submit best 5 gr. 9 pix (edited) -green screen cont'd -see Coverage notes -see Coverage notes
-Henry's photog show this weekend (free ticket)
Oct 17 -projects cont'd -demo of Photoshop tutorials to me (marked)
-Tree in Niagara Falls -see Coverage notes
-Repair Portrait Photo
-cont'd from yesterday
Oct 24 -unsubscribe from old mail list; join new (see email)
-check 5 logos
-BDSS website; what improvements do we need?
-Time Tracker
-cont'd -see Coverage notes -cont'd from yesterday
-Photoshop effects website review (sign-in req'd)
Oct 31 -Cool Tech reminder
-Tech Word: ePub
-presentation of photo article summaries
-projects cont'd
-Movember ideas?
-website plan?
-photo articles cont'd
-MarkBook reports
-projects cont'd -Coverage info
-watch color matching video (for Photoshop, not Elements, but still very cool)
-Favourite Flickr Photographs

Dan: GPP session w/ Ms Hopman
-projects cont'd
Nov 7 -Coverage notes
-BDSS logos needed ASAP!
-check marks
Cool Tech day Cool Tech cont'd
-G+ Youtube playlists demo
-my bride picture used in a lot of places!
-Vivian Maier slideshow?
-recreate ACSE Logo and ACSE Banner in Inkscape
-One World, One Smile video
-FYI: Girls Develop It Online (promoting Computer Science to girls)
-school website?
Nov 14 -Truesync/Dropbox discussion
-new organizer website: Sandglaz
-Inkscape tutorial websites
-Photowalk paperwork
-submit BDSS125 png files
-finish Vivian Maier slideshow
-Inkscape websites cont'd
-Instagram Filter Survey
-125th logos hightest priority!
-Artist Profile
-cont'd -cont'd
Nov 21 -Markbook reports, individual feedback
-cont'd -cont'd -Photowalk -Photowalk
Nov 28 -BRU demo
-load pictures into computer
-hand in raw pictures
-rename and tag photos (Theme: NameOfTheme, YYYYMMDD, etc.)
-Scavenger Hunt form 
-logo debrief from MrsZ
-join flickr; add pbeens as contact
-Photowalk assignments
-Dan to library (GPP)
-photowalk pix cont'd

-Living Beyond Limits
-Artist Profile: Dorothea Lange
-Categories survey


Dec 5 -Survey: Shack picture
-Final projects discussion
-add "For more information" page to artist profile
-Inkscape tutorial websites
-finish photowalk assignments
-reminder: Inkscape website tutorials: review and DO! 
-cont'd -How photowalk is being marked
-final project idea: what a wonderful world
Dec 12 -Picasa 3.9 updates
-draft final project req'ts (teacher link)
-BDSS website (GDoc, sign-in req'd)
-project proposals (sign-in req'd)
-DSBN skills competitions
-problems with Artist Profile docs
-Dan's podcasting lesson | GDoc
-see Coverage info -All flickr submissions are due
Dec 19 -podcast script cont'd (share w/ me) -Audacity demo (Dan) -Artist Profile presentations -remaining presentations
-movie day!
Jan 9 -How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)
-final project status
-Tech BBQ on Thursday
Podcast scripts due
-final projects
Tech BBQ at lunch!
Jan 16 -see Coverage notes 
-Best Work ePortfolio
-Cool Tech due
-mark category changes
-mark final projects, eportfolios -mark final projects, ePortfolios
-Course Evaluation
-check email for ePortfolio marking req'ts
-make sure final projects are submitted
Jan 23 Pd 4 exams? Pd 1 exams? Pd 2 exams? Pd 3 exams? -Teaching in the Digital Age
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