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2011-2012 TGJ3M & TGJ4M Daybook (2)

Note: all items are for 3M unless listed as 4M.
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Jan 30
Period 1: 9:00 to 10:20
n/a -schedule for today
-I want one! :) 
-Teens' top 5 technology mistakes
-Admin cont'd: 

-organizer assignments & pre-course questionnaire due
-4M:weekly reports
-4M:group display project (see me)
-Admin cont'd (just finished intro; 5 things...
-3M:Getting Started 
Feb 6 -admin cont'd: email list
-3M:project proposals
-4M:weekly report due
-FYI:Ontario Offers Tips For Safe Surfing
-web2.0 Tools
-Cool Tech reminder
-3M:create ePortfolio
-Project Planner (sign-in req'd)
-4M:review ePortfolios (update for 4M material?)
-Student survey (DO THIS!!!)
-Coverage info
-all ePortfolios created and shared with Beens?
-Projects cont'd (sign-in req'd)
-Coverage info
-projects cont'd

-Coverage info
-project's cont'd
Feb 13 -Coverage info
-FYI:10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have
-Student survey (Please do this if you haven't already) 
-4M:weekly report due
-Cool Tech reminder
-projects cont'd (be sure progress is handed in)
FYI:How NASA Makes Those Incredible High-Res Images of Earth
-projects cont'd
-what's your organizer tip? Comment on 2 you will use. (GDoc
-Coverage info
-projects cont'd (if you finish your 1st project start a 2nd)
-did you post your organizer tip?
-Coverage info 
-projects cont'd

-FINISH 1st projects
-Photoshop Painting Basics 101  
Feb 20 Family Day -4M:weekly report due 
-Cool Tech assignment

-Tree in Niagara Falls
-Camera Assignment 
-What have we learned? (sign-in req'd)
-check email reports (look for code name, check marks) 
-projects cont'd
-3DS Max Tutorial (Dave) -organizer tip & comments due
-Green Screen project (pereerica on flickr)
-submit 3DS Max file from Dave's tutorial

Feb 27 -Favourite Flickr Photographs
-5 minute organize
-lockdown procedure
-FYI:Introducing Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad 2
-Amy: brainstorming session for R4L video
-update ePortfolio
-keep working on your projects, including:
+Tree in Niagara Falls
+Camera Assignment
+Favourite Flickr Photographs
+Green Screen project (but would prefer you copy a project done by pereerica)
-projects cont'd
-Cool Tech reminder

Mar 5 -projects cont'd -camera assignment due
-NF Tree overdue
-pereerica on flickr (model picture)

-projects cont'd
-submit pareerica progress
-Chanel presentation
-projects cont'd
March Break
Mar 12





Mar 19 -Rotoscoping
-cont'd -cont'd
-Coverage info
Mar 26 -Rotoscoping cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Literacy Test 
(no class)
Apr 2 -Inkscape discussion
-Pareerica assignments should be done! 
-Rotoscope cont'd
-coverage info 
-Rotoscope cont'd 
-Inkscape website review (First come first served for site submissions. I will email you before the end of the evening if you need to choose another website.) 
-coverage info 
-submit your Inkscape tutorial file (SVG) and three from other students' tutorials
-also save and submit URL shortcuts
-coverage info 
Easter Friday
Apr 9 Easter Monday -coverage info (IMPORTANT! Look for comments in red)

Cool Tech Day -work period -Ultimate Gaming Challenge (May 5-6)
-programming workshop tweet
Apr 16 -remaining Cool Tech presos
-Inkscape website review cont'd
-work period -article  

-Inkscape website tutorials DUE! -work period
Apr 23 -cont'd
-join class Diigo group; post Inkscape website to group (tags: TGJ, TGJxx, Inkscape, tutorial)
-SkyDrive Loyalty Offer
-GoogleDrive news
-DropBox update | referral code 
-Rotoscope status (field trip!)
-Diigo/Inkscape cont'd
-Google Drive security concern
-12 year time lapse

-Artist Profile
Apr 30 -cont'd -Coverage info
-Inkscape website review/tutorial
-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
May 7 -Remind 101 Notifications
-Rotoscope cont'd
-Inkscape website review/tutorial cont'd

-Sarah pinhole presentation
-cont'd -cont'd
May 14 -Hockey picture project (part final project?) -Artist Profile presentations -Gr12:final project discussion: ed resource for 9/10 -Scavenger Hunt form 
PA Day
May 21 Victoria Day -final project proposals | req's
-BRU demo
-load pictures into computer
-hand in raw pictures 1024px photos
-rename and tag photos (Theme: NameOfTheme, YYYYMMDD, etc.)
-Picasa editing demo
-final project discussion
-photowalk editing cont'd
-coverage info
-edit photos
-final project proposals
May 28 -grade 11 career orientation (Hopman, math lab) -edited, tagged photos submitted?
-final project proposals: meetings
-ePortfolio req'ts

-join flickr
 Jun4 -VenusTransit
-Google Blockly
-Google Docs sort by quota!
-Project Proposals (submit!)
-ePortfolio Submission Form (submit 1 item every few days)
-article: Make a Mark, Not a Grade
-online spying video
-projects: submit ~daily
-Notes for supply teacher
-submit top 5 Photowalk pix to class Flick group
-final projects cont'd (sign-in req'd) (submit daily!)
-note: Cool Tech #2 due Tuesday

-join a flickr group (submit info to class flickr group)
-submit top 5 photos to flickr group discussion areas (remember areas!)
-projects cont'd
-submit top photo to class flickr group (demo)
-submit top 5 top photos to hand in folder
-projects cont'd
 Jun 11 -final projects -cont'd
-Cool Tech #2 due
-cont'd -cont'd
-ePortfolio marking request form
-Final Projects due

 Jun 18 -ePortfolios due

-What I Learned Test
-Course Evaluation  
-Work Habits Self Evaluation
Pd 1 exams (portfolio meetings)

-ePortfolio TOC
-ePortfolio marking sheet
-Example ePortfolio
Pd 2 exams Pd 3 exams 
Jun 25 Pd 4 exams

-Teaching in the Digital Age
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