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2010-2011 TGJ2O Daybook

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Sep 6
Labour Day

Period 2: 10:00 to 11:45
-Guidance sheet on board
-Administrivia: start at My Tweets
-Guidance sheet on board
-Administrivia: start at Organizer #2
-finish up admin
-getting started: brainstorm activities
-BDSS website (what does it need?!!)
Sep 13 -featured tweet: Liberkey Portable Apps
-Cool Tech reminder
-Guidance appts on board
-Administrivia quiz: write questions and answers together
-share your organizer tip via the Google Group (reply to my email)
-Dropbox referral
-featured tweet: My Pet Slug (not!)
-Administrivia test
-portfolio intro; getting started
-Email protocol: please always include course code
-featured tweet: 'Here you Have' virus
-demo: HTML superscript etc., creative copyright images
-finish test.htm in portfolio
-featured tweet: Diigo Saved Me!
-BDSS-TGJ Diigo Group (private)

-show me Diigo plugin in your portable browser! 
-website creation tutorial website review
Sep 20 -website creation tutorial websites cont'd -Terry Fox pledge sheets
-mark websites
-top 3 website creation tutorial websites
-Vonage Talk Free App
-where are all your top three assignments?
-finish Getting Started assignment; submit
-the top three website creation tutorial websites are here
-Pivot animation
Terry Fox run
Sep 27 -Greenshot, an open source screenshot tool
-Harvest moon pics
-GMail Drive shell extension
-mark Getting Started page
-Pivot cont'd
-Pivot cont'd (last day)

-Pivot cont'd (last day) -Supply teacher info
-Flash animation tutorial website

-mark pivot animations
-Lunch club (late detentions, <60%)
-cool tech: Alex
Oct 4 -Cool Tech reminder
-check Flash websites
-Flash website reviews, tutorials
-flash cont'd
-Cool Tech
-review BDSS website for shortcomings
-work with the peer tutors to take specific responsibility for one aspect of the BDSS website (at least one responsibility per student)
-Flash websites top three assignment
PA Day
Oct 11 Thanksgiving -BDSS website
-Flash cont'd
-see my email (sign-in req'd)
-Careers Article
-see my email (sign-in req'd)
-Do a 2nd Flash tutorial chosen from the website reviews. Save files for your portfolio and to submit on Monday. 
-see my email (sign-in req'd)
-Do a 3rd Flash tutorial chosen from the website reviews. Make sure it is more complex than the 2nd. Save files for your portfolio and to submit on Monday. 
Oct 18 -More about Facebook Privacy
-Scribble exhibit at Albright-Knox
-review journals
-acse.net assignment
-Cool Tech reminder (last week)
-photo assignment Nov 3; volunteers?
-acse.net cont'd

-Skills Work for Women dinner
-Diigo demo
-acse.net cont'd
-review progress
-hand in assignments from Thu & Fri

-submit cool tech emails TODAY
-Cool Tech: First All-robot Surgery Performed At McGill University 
-submit Flash tutorial files
-review and finalize ACSE.net; self-assess (see form)
Oct 25 -Google A-Z
-1st Cool Tech deadline (presentations today)

-finalize acse.net unit
-submit Flash unit assignments for marking
-create and share ePortfolio
-NookCOLOR released
-acse.net cont'd

-double-check ePortfolio privacy settings (demo)
-submit flash tutorials shortcuts (demo)
-mark flash assignments & acse.net submissions
-website reviews for "Photoshop Effects Tutorials"; enter your website on the review page and the form as soon as you know it for approval.
Nov 1 -Google Calendar attachment tip
-"What's New and Happening in CS?" (from ACSE conference)
-learning goals discussion; apply to past journals
-add Photoshop tutorial websites to Diigo (see tags)
-choose and do 3 tutorials; save files for portfolio!
-late cool tech presentations
-Photoshop cont'd; demos of tutorials
Grade 8 Day

-Photoshop cont'd
-chrome tip: pin tabs
-website update (gr. 8 day)
-blog update
-How human can a mobile phone be?
-take down door!
-Movember video competition
-Is Social Media a Fad?
-my latest YouTube video [blog]
-Timbit party!
-continue marking Flash
Nov 8 -check lab software list [tchr link]
-Movember video
-http://www.buildyourwildself.com/ [note: add to outline]
-BDSS Website Hits 
-demo: Tree in Niagara Falls
-PSE editing demo: delete background; delete backgrounds of wildself images; submit
-BDSS website
-finish Flash tutorials and submit
-Tree in Niagara Falls
-Repair Portrait Photo -Photography - Article Summary
Nov 15 -Dropbox blog
-Google presentation
-Textures4Layers @ flickr (might use this later...)
-work period
-work period -Straight No Chaser
-Woodend Voting
-Work Habits Self Eval (reflection) (save as Full Name CourseCode Work Habits Self Evaluation)
-work period
-Photo article update 
-work period
-photo article cont'd)
-Alex:Movember video
(Ryan: need TGJ3M/4M expectations)
Nov 22 -wear a moustache! (create a Movember picture of yourself; minimum of 1024 pixels wide)
-photo article cont'd)
-mark moustaches; put and display on portfolio (showcase)
-review req'ts for photo article assignment
-put article assignment on ePortfolio
-Vote! (let me see and count your vote)
-new WotW
-mark Work Habit Self Evals
-photoshop framing demo
-photo article cont'd
-Please vote, and then fill in this form to let me know (tell others!)
-photo article cont'd
-if you are finished your photo article presentation, work on The Digital You

Nov 29 -Time Tracker
-photo article assignment
-finish photo article assignment
-PhotoSynth TED Talk
-Woodend on Facebook - like!
-ePortfolios - show and tell
-work on ePortfolios
Dec 6 -Cool Tech reminder
-Skills Competitions
-work on ePortfolios
-Camera Assignment
-Seaway Mall Flash Mob
-Podcasting Presentation
-Create a Podcast
-Podcasting (write script today, and, for full marks, find suitable CC images to embed)
-ePortfolio (post podcast script)
-find & email me audacity tutorials that you find useful (assignment)
-DEAW (20 minutes)
-lunch and learn warnings
Dec 13 -Vote!
-podcasts cont'd
-Lunch and Learn, rm 1-205
-finish scripts today!
-Lunch and Learn, rm 1-205
-record podcasts

Dec 20 -2nd Cool Tech deadline
-career article summaries (see email)
-fave flickr photos (once podcast is done)
-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd XMas Vacation
Jan 10 -MarkBook emails
-Cool Tech tomorrow
-finish all projects
-ePortfolio (review req'ts carefully)
-Cool Tech presentations SNOW DAY -career article summaries due end of class (see email)
-marking req'ts for ePortfolios
-projects and ePortfolios cont'd
-projects and ePortfolios cont'd
Jan 17 -cont'd -cont'd -cont'd -portfolios due  -course evaluation
Jan 24 Period 1 Exams -Interviews (sign-in req'd) Period 3 Exams   -http://www.drs2006.com/
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