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2013-2014 TIJ1O Daybook

Ignore everything in italics!

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Sep 2 Period 1 9:00 to 10:20 ADMIN
-"exam exemption" & insurance handouts
-dept tour
-FYI: Teens' top 5 technology mistakes

-locker form
-config MarkBook
-FYI: Diigo Intro & "Daybook Features"
-Admin cont'd (network)
-Grade Assembly (all period)
-pre-course questionnaire
Sep 9 -check that everyone did pre-course q and locker form
-Admin:rules assignment

-Portable Google Chrome
-Admin: rules cont'd
-Library Orientation (bring pen and paper)
-Guidance in
-FYI: your personalized rules have been posted!
-take up library assignment
-Remind 101
-Egg Drop intro
-DEAR time
-Cool Tech reminder
-egg drop research GDoc

Sep 16 -Email assignment
-continue egg drop research; present key findings and things to consider; finalize req'ts

-FYI:10 Tech Skills Every Student Should Have
-finalize egg drop req'ts
-SketchUp House (Basic)
-house cont'd -SketchUp Aquarium tutorial
-SketchUp Cheerios Box tutorial
-Notes for supply teacher

-Cheerios box cont'd

-3D Models
Sep 23 FYI: BDSS Dropbox code-Cool Tech reminder
-web2.0 Tools
-finish aquarium, cheerios box, 3D models
-SketchUp egg tutorial (pick any one!)
-egg drop Bill of Materials (BoM)
-sketch egg drop vessel, then draw in SketchUp
-Notes for supply teacher 

Safety Crossword
-cont'd -cont'd
-start building egg vessels Monday!
Sep 30 -Notes for supply teacher <- students, look here for list of outstanding projects.

New projects: 
-Technology Scavenger Hunt
-Technology Wordfind Assignment

Bring in all materials for egg drop! 
-finish up sketch and sketchup model of egg drop vessel -SketchUp area and scaling demo

-FINISH egg vessel plans! 

-if finished egg vessel prep, finish Tech scavenger hunt and then work on 2D drawing assignment
-cont'd -cont'd
Oct 7 -Egg drop cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
-cont'd PD Day
Oct 14 Thanksgiving -last day to make egg vessel Egg Drop Day! -egg drop re-tests. When?
-Egg drop reflection (report questions | report req'ts)
-egg drop report co-create criteria: title page, scan sketch, picture, new presentation date
Oct 21 -Learning Styles Inventory

-demo: Picasa PSD to edited JPG (via Google+ album)
-report cont'd
-report cont'd Egg Drop Re-test -Notes for Supply Teacher
Complete all outstanding assignments:
  1. Your First 2D Drawing (SketchUp)
  2. Print and complete the Safety Crossword
  3. Technology Scavenger Hunt
  4. Technology Wordfind Assignment
  5. Egg Drop Report
Start researching Mouse Trap Cars
-Egg Drop Report: co-create marking scheme
Oct 28 -Egg Drop Report presentations

-Egg Drop Report Self-analysis
-presentations cont'd -Greenshot update & portable
-presentations cont'd
-cont'd -Supply teacher info

Mouse Trap Cars
-draw sketches of proposed designs (the only limit is that I supply the mousetrap; there are no limits on the materials you may supply and use)
-draw SketchUp model of your proposed mousetrap car

Nov 4 -Create ePortfolio (submit details here)
-mousetrap car restrictions
-make customized keytags Take Our Kids to Work Day -mouse trap cars cont'd -Egg Drop Re-test
-outstanding report presentations
Nov 11 -marks review
-continue w/ mouse trap car planning, sketches, 3d model
Horticulture Horticulture PD Day
Nov 18 -Mouse Trap Car planning; review resource websites
-Homework tonight: determine what materials you are using for your mousetrap car! 
-Mouse Trap Car assignment page

-Mousetrap Car Bill of Materials
-SketchUp model (mousetrap in O drive)
-PSE masking tutorial
-cont'd -cont'd -cont'd
Nov 25 Auto Coverage for 2013-11-26

-Finish Mousetrap Car SketchUp model. Ensure there are dimensions shown for all objects, that is drawn to scale, and that all objects are labelled.
-Mousetrap Car Assignment
-If finished, s
tart working on your Mousetrap Car report
Auto Auto Auto
Dec 2 -peer review of mousetrap car SketchUp models -IPP: Individual Pathway Plan
-Mousetrap car trial runs
-SketchUp models cont'd
-scroll saw safety certification
-FINALIZE mousetrap car SketchUp models
-Coverage for 2013-12-06

FINALIZE mousetrap car SketchUp models
-Mousetrap Car Assignment
Dec 9 -Wood Shop -wood shop cont'd -wood shop cont'd -wood shop cont'd -wood shop cont'd
Dec 16 -Mousetrap Car Assignment
-finish plaque 

Coverage for 2013-12-17

Google Tips
-see instructions here (SketchUp mousetrap car, mousetrap assignment, masking assignment, etc.)
-last few students stain your plaque
-submit masking assignment(s)
-submit final mousetrap car Sketchup models
-Favourite Flickr Photographs
-Camera Assignment
open class No Class
Jan 6 What's left?
-mousetrap car (performance test, assignment, multimedia report, presentation)
-photography unit (fave flickr photos assignment, camera assignment, photowalk, editing and sharing pictures)

-culminating report [teacher link]
snow day -finish mousetrap car, fave flickr photos assignment, camera assignment -camera assignment due
-Fave Flickr Pics assignment due

-Coverage for 2014-01-10
The photowalk will now be Tuesday and Wednesday. See the supply teacher instructions (link above) for the list of the previous work that must be finished.
I have also now given you the requirements of the final report that must be completed as part of your ePortfolio. Start working on this document today. Be sure to rename it before sharing it with me, and I expect you to share it with me today so I can monitor your progress and provide feedback.
-Final Report
Jan 13  -open house volunteers?
-welding photos
-review camera assignments
-Fave Flickr Assignment presentations
Photowalk Photowalk

-process pictures -ePortfolio work period
-finish processing pictures
Jan 20 1. Have you finished and shared your Final Report? Note that is must be named correctly for me to find it in Google Drive.
2. ePortfolio Contents. Make sure all pages are created and start uploading and inserting the pictures and documents, according to the instructions. Note: read this page for some tips about uploading your pictures.
-last day of class
- (ePortfolio teacher link)
-Course Evaluation 
-Work Habits Self Evaluation
Pd 1 Exam date (ePortfolio presentations & discussions) 

Note: even if you are exempt I highly recommend you come in.

   Cool Tech Day
-bandsaw safety poster

-photowalk discussion
-bandsaw test

-finish Pivot and masking assignments.

-masking assignment (tools)

-Tour of Tech; take dimensions
-SketchUp Overview (view, units, precision, basics)
-Tech Wing Floor Plan assignment in SketchUp
-Safety Word Search handout 
-Safety Document (to be used with Safety handouts)
-Electrical Safety Pkg
-Complete Home Electrical Checklist (homework)
-marks with codenames at back of room
-Electrical lesson (V, I, R)
-Tina demo, class activities
-Electrical Safety Pkg cont'd 
-activity 5 (Tina)
-create Safety test
-Tina test
-Safety test
-electrical activity #1 intro
-electrical activity #1
-electrical activity #2
-Photoshop tools handout 
-O:\Beens\Digital Overdrive interactive sessions

-PSE masking assignments: Safety, TV Show  (or movie), Technology
-Pivot intro

-finish masking assignments
-Pivot animations
-Pivot animations cont'd
-mousetrap car planning

-finish and submit safety posters
-finish SketchUp plan for Mouse Trap Car
-finish mouse trap car assignment
-mouse trap car plans
-bandsaw safety poster
-bandsaw safety
-drill press safety poster
Scavenger Hunt form 
-Kite Package (see instructions at top of document.

-mousetrap cars
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